Abuse, threats and internet impersonation by Chris Robinson, (aka Breadon), page 1

Abuse, Threats & Impersonation from
Chris Robinson, (aka Breadon).

Peter Loud

Since March 2013 I have been receiving abusive and threatening emails from a guy called Chris Robinson. Initially his abuse was annonymous, fortunately I was quickly able to identify the sender. He has set up webpages impersonating me, threatening me and tying to sell, or give away, copyright photos that he has ripped-off from my website. I have never met the guy, and knew nothing about him until I received the first threatening email in March 2013. He uses a considerable number of false names and deceptive email addresses, including peteloudphotos@gmail.com and pete.loud.photographer@gmail.com and peteloud88@yahoo.com.

To give you a flavour of what he is up to, following is a screen dump of an abusive Flickr webpage that Robinson set up to threaten and intimidate me. Many of the images were ripped-off from my photo webpages then messed about with in Photoshop. I don't know the significance of the Chinese film star, Salvador Dali or the 1960s Tyneside comedian.

After this screen dump there are links to two more webpages. One has more webpages he has set up that are based upon my ripped-off photos, or being abusive. The other has copies of the emails he has sent me, be warned, they are offensive.

Robinson is a 72 year old ex-art teacher from Newcastle, although he makes very many fantasy statements. His address in Newcastle is Henry Square, NE2 1YE. If you check it on Google Earth/Maps then check the Demographic Profile on http://www.192.com/places/cameo/ne2-1ye/ you will see that it is a sink estate in Newcastle. His descriptions of his monied, sophisticated lifestyle seem at odds with reality. He also seems to spend much of his time hanging around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Several other people have had similar abuse and threats from Robinson. He particularly targets people who submit comments to articles in the on-line Independent, Guardian and Telegraph. One victim created a blog about the harassment he suffered from Robinson. Chris Robinson, (AKA Breadon), blog

Would others who are experiencing similar harassment from Robinson please contact me. If you receive similar abuse by Robinson I suggest that contact your local police and suggest that they consider sending him a formal Harassment Warning, initially.

Should you wonder what sort of guy I am to get such threats and abuse, you can check me out from my personal website. I'm sure you'll agree that I am a pretty straight guy.

Here are more abusive webpages that Robinson created using photos ripped-off from my website.

Here are most of the email exchanges with Robinson. This pdf file of the emails above is quite a long file, so to give you an idea of the sort of email he sends, below are two of his emails.

. . . and, no, I'm not gay. Would it matter if I were?

I thought after this admission it might be the end of his harassment, but no. On the 22 August 2013 I had another load of crazy abuse. On 1st Sept. he emailed me to tell me that he's set up a Pete Loud Photos webpage in Bangkok and had emailed "all Northumbrian Folk Musicians and followers".

I leave you to draw your own conclusions about Robinson's character and mental state.

Robinson's false identities

Robinson has created, and uses, many email addresses, these are those which he has used with me.
I am sure that there are many more.


He also impersonates me by using,
If you have others, please pass them on to me.

He similarly uses a considerable number of pseudonyms for posting comments to the on-line Independent, Guardian and Telegraph. They often are an attempt to impersonate other contributors. At the moment, April 2015, "KORIN IKEDA" seems to be his favourite. This list is so long and he adds to it almost daily so I am reluctant to include it here.

In the Independent I make comments under the names "PETE LOUD". To impersonate me, and embarrass me, Robinson used the name "peteloud" and "PETE.LOUD", and many others, in the on-line newspapers. He has now changed his Disqus user name to "Pete Loud" and incorporated a photo of me in his avatar, (that has changed recently).

He has done similar things with other people. He even, allegedly, emailed a photograph of his genitals to one very respectable person. Robinson also has it in for a guy called Ian Simpson, and has made some very offensive libelous statements about him. I have never met this Ian Simpson. I haven't had any contact whatsoever with him, until today, (23/04/2015). In case you suspect that Ian Simpson is a weirdo, check out this bit about him on BBC. He is a world expert on snakebites and seems a decent, straight guy to me. Recently Robinson has sent him some threatening emails. In them, Robinson says, "My sister has paid to find your address I will be calling on you" to "settle all outstanding issues".

May 2016
Robinson is still up to his vile activities. Every month or two he pops up again in The Independent. He uses a considerable number of false names, including variants on my name, and frequently makes multiple comments under different names in one set of comments. For the past few months he has concentrated on being abusive and impersonating someone who used to make comments under the name Marsinah Java. (Marsinah was a trades union activist in Java in 1993, the era of Suharto, who was raped and murdered.) Yesterday he made lots of puerile comments using the names PeteLoud and Pete.Loud. I comment under the name PeterLoud.

This morning, 24/5/16 I found that I had considerable number of people accessing this webpage. I didn't know from where, but soon found out, The Independent. It seems that Robinson has lost it completely. Has he had a complete mental breakdown?

It's rather sad really. An old, ex-art teacher, who fancied himself as a good painter, can only get public attention by being an abusive nutcase.

The police are involved in this harassment, so if anyone receives anything offensive or libelous, or comes across other acts of impersonation, please contact me.

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