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In 1988 I worked in Indonesia with a French irrigation engineer. He was a dour, old guy, but he was brilliant and we got along very well. He had spent his life working in every country in the world, so it seemed. When I asked him which country he liked most he unhesitatingly answered Algeria.

I had almost forgotten this and assumed that Algeria was a coastal strip backed by some hills then endless miles of burning hot sand, the Sahara desert. This was until recently when I met an Algerian engineer. She, yes, she, completely changed my views when she told me of the high rock outcrops near Tamanrasset in the middle of the Sahara. I found some photographs and they were spectacular. I have yet to go there, so I have no photographs from Algeria, (the mosque to the left is in Afghanistan), however I suggest that you Google Tamanrasset, and you will see what I mean.

So I decided to make a map of this country to familiarise myself with it. I am still working on it and have not yet created a legend, but the elevations are in metres.

Map of Algeria

Environs Algiers

Map of Algeria

Map of Algeria

Map of Algeria

The South West Mountains

These maps have been developed from the
Digital Map of The World, DMW 1

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