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It's quite a while since I did any serious travelling around Afghanistan, it was in the days when a kilo of best Mazar Black cost $10 and Bill didn't inhale. It's true :-) (No, not about about Bill not inhaling, about the price of Mazar Black. Hmmm, I wonder if Hillary inhaled?)

It was great place to travel around, the Afghans didn't give you any hassle, they weren't friendly or unfriendly, they just left you alone. The village rugs were great, Here is one I bought in Herat.

The last time I went, as I flew in, all around the airport helicopters, Russian, lifted off and dropped a curtain of flares to confuse the heat-seeking missiles, (US supplied the missiles to the Afghan insurgents). Shortly afterwards, the aircraft I'd flown on was bombed.

Carpet Seller in Herat

butcher in Herat

The tea and the cherry pies in Kabul were great too, Mmmmm!. The butcher's shops were less appetising.

Afghanistan has been receiving a lot of attention recently, so here are a few maps that I've developed. If you are a commercial organisation you could buy the fully detailed GIS.

I created this website about 20 years ago using HTML 3, which means that its code is mostly obsolete, so there are a variety of problems, but it still seems to be working, just.

Map of most of Afghanistan
Map of most of Afghanistan, especially the route from Iran to Pakistan, via Herat, Kandahar & Kabul.

Helmand, Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, Sangin and Alkozai

Map of Kandahar, Lashkar Gah & Alkozai

Long before Tony Blair started his crusade against Islam I stopped one morning by the river between Lashkar Gah & Sangin to wash. The river was full of aggressive crabs. Until then I had never thought of crabs living in fresh water.

Alkozai is one of the two villages where 17 Afghans, mostly children & women, were slaughtered by a US serviceman on 11 March 2012. There were some equally nasty, and worse, atrocities at the marked, Sangin, Heyderabad and Maywand. There were quite a few more off the map.

Map of Afghanistan

These maps have been developed from the
Digital Map of The World, DMW 1

Detailed Maps

It's a pity these are just screen dumps of around 800 x 1000 pixels, when they are done full size all the detail comes out, they are fantastic, (but that's commercial and costs money ;-(

South East Afghanistan, Kabul - Kandahar

Afghanistan, Jalalabad & Pakistan

Kabul to Peshawar

South West Afghanistan, Herat

North Afghanistan, Mazar-i-Sharif

North East Afghanistan

North West Afghanistan

Tora Bora area, but bin Laden sneaked away.

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George Bush is to Christianity what Osama Bin Laden is to Islam

Photographs of Afghanistan, c.1974

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The Great Mosque,

Musalla Complex,

Carpet Sellers,

Recycling, Herat

Afghan Coat Shops,

Butcher's Shop,

Kabul to Khyber Pass

Central Afghanistan,
December 1970

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