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In 1997 I had six months working with The Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology, (BEST), Commission, based in The Office of The Prime Minister. I was pulling together data from several government departments to create a management information system which enabled development decisions consider environmental issues. The result was a GIS. It was great working there, my Bahamian colleagues were the most pleasant and the kindest people with whom I've ever worked.

. . . . It is now more than 20 years since I worked in The Bahamas. For several years I have thought that I needed to re-do many of those maps. When I made the maps, download speeds were very low and screens were low resolution, therefore my map images were very small. Eventually, Xmas, 2017, I re-created some of those maps. I should have added some new internet techniques to improve the website, but whatever I did, it would still be difficult to compete with Google Earth. Alas, Google Earth has greatly reduced the need for such maps.

Detailed Maps

* North Eleuthera
* Central Eleuthera
* South Eleuthera
North Bahamas
* Grand Bahama
New Providence
* Downtown Nassau, 1990s
San Salvador
Crooked & Acklins Islands
Long Island
Great Exuma
Conception Island
Cat Island

This website was originally created in 1997 so my maps and views might be out of date.

I had mixed feelings about The Bahamas, the sea was incredibly beautiful and there were many good beaches, but luxury holiday resorts for Americans on package holidays who want to lie by the pool and/or push coins into slot machines are not my scene. I was disappointed that there were negligible facilities for independent travellers, or young backpackers. I calculated that an independent traveller spending a couple of months around the Bahamas would contribute considerably more to the local economy than someone on a luxury resort package holiday. More to the point, independent travellers would spread their money around the Out Islands, which are economically starved, they would encourage the setting up of small businesses catering for tourists and perhaps make local public transport viable. The other disadvantage is that The Bahamas is expensive, a small beer is usually around $3.50, a meal $15 and an hotel room in low season $150, around 10 times the prices of South East Asia, where I normally hang out.

Satellite Image from NASA

To see the full image click on NASA Visible Earth, this image is over 4 Mb.

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