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It can't be long before the Americans get the Israelis to bomb Iran. The US has already supplied the bunker-busting bombs to the Israelis. So I'd better get some maps ready to show the new killing fields. I hope I'm wrong about this, but you know what Bush is like. He and his neo-con mates want to control other countries and they'll kill or torture anyone who tries to stop them, (their women and children too).

Map of Middle East

Unfortunately I have only partly developed a set of maps for Iran. I shall include a few temporary maps and hopefully will add to them in due course. Please excuse any anomalies during this development. Sorry about the spelling of those Iranian towns, that comes from the US military. I accept that those contour colours are a bit strong, but I have problem developing a single colour scheme which looks right for mountainous Nepal, Middle Eastern deserts and Papuan tropical forest. It was OK when I just did a few isolated countries but as the maps become more extensive and link up I am faced with inconsistencies :-(

It's several years since I did any travelling in Iran. The first couple of times I went there they still had The Shah of Persia. If I remember correctly, he was a bit matey with the Americans. Eventually his people chased him out, but not before he grabbed billions of $$ worth of goodies to make his later life comfortable. I vaguely remember that he ended up in The Bahamas, (I think at Lyford Cay, or was it Windermere Island?) and died of cancer a few years later.

I saw little of the country, although I do remember Tabriz bazaar being fantastic. Usually I was just crossing from Turkey to Afghanistan and spent as little time there as possible. In 1970 I arrived in Teheran in an old ambulance with half a dozen student friends from UK on the day of the Shah's birthday. There were big celebrations everywhere. A car waved us down and the family in it invited us to their house for a meal. They were an extremely pleasant hospitable middle class Iranian family. On most other visits to Teheran I couldn't stand the young men. All they thought about was Western clothes, Western pop music, Western women etc. All Western women walking around Teheran were groped, (sexually harassed), by these nauseating young men. It did not come as a surprise when the proud Persians turned against American culture which was corrupting their people and kicked out the Shah.

I made these maps several years ago. I was wrong at that time, Bush didn't help the Israelis bomb Iran, well he supplied the aircraft and the bunker busting bombs, but they didn't actually bomb Iran. I have been looking at these old maps for the first time in years, they are not very impressive. I used terrible colours for the contours and have the text far too big. I need to revise these maps. The GIS data is OK, the problem is superficial. I chose bad colours and text sizes, etc.

Now it looks like Obama might help Israel bomb Iran in 2012 and kill tens or hundreds of thousands of Iranians. Perhaps I should continue the map down to The Straits of Hormuz and create a more more detailed map around Qom.

Since writing the above I have started on a much more detailed map, not my DMW dataset, so far I have only been working on Northern Iran. Below is my latest map, on which I am still working.

Overview of map development
This is area for which I have developed maps so far, that is 2003-6.

Here is my latest map, April 2012.
Mao of Teheran area.

And here is another, North West Iran.
Map of North West Iran

And another, Around Esfahan.
Map of Esfahan, Iran

Most of these maps have been developed from the
Digital Map of The World, DMW 1

Detailed Maps

North West Iran, Tabriz - Teharan

Central Iran, Teheran - Esfahan

South West Iran

Weapons Facilities

Weapons Facilities around Teheran

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