Photographs by Peter Loud

The Bird Market, Yogyakarta

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In 2010 the Bird Market, Pasar Burung, moved from near the Kraton to a much larger site 2 km away to the south east. My photographs come from both sites. There are not just birds, but a wide variety of reptiles and all sorts of pets including cats and dogs. Although there are interesting things to see it is not very satisfying for photography as almost everything is in a cage.

Almost everything is caged, 2014

Parakeets, 2014

A pair of Green Tree Pythons, (Morelia viridis), 2013

A Monitor, (not a young Komodo Dragon). It was about 60cm long. 2013.

The only birds I saw out of a cage were this pair of fighting cocks having a gentle sparring match, 2013.

More pretty parakeets, 2014.

The Old Bird Market, 2010.

On Sundays the new Bird Market is packed with people selling their birds, 2014.

Click on the picture to see a full spherical panorama of the old market. 2010

The old Bird Market was combined with a normal market and sold everything.

Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1970-2014

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