Photographs by Peter Loud

Transport, Yogyakarta, 2010-14

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Andong, Jalan Malioboro, A pair of horse is not so common, 2013

I think the kids in the becak would have preferred the horse carriage.

Angkutan Kota
Jalur 2 & Jalur 4 are well known for having many, many pick-pockets.

Becak are are so common, they are boring.

There were lots of women, in traditional dress, with sit-up-and-beg bicycles with panniers.

What lovely robes

A retainer from the Kraton

This is the only shot in which I don't have the background cluttered with motorbikes etc.

A family of four on motorbike is very common.

Granny, wearing a sarong, has to sit side-saddle.

Alun-alun Selatan, Malam Minggu.

This motorbike has a limited rear view.

Fun Bicycle, 2013

. . . and another, with brakes. 2013

To show you how serious I was about getting a good family transport photo, here are some of the photos that I took.

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