Photographs by Peter Loud

Narrowboats, Grand Union Canal
Milton Keynes

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Widgeon at Cosgrove Lock, 2015

Narrowboat Adagio at Cosgrove Lock, 2015

Alice(?) at Cosgrove, 2015
There is a bit of a story behind this photo. As I walked along the canal I stopped to admire this boat, it was immaculately clean and polished. I got chatting to the owner and he showed me the removable bow extension. I've never seen anything like that before. To get a photograph of this I had to cross over the canal and walk along a canal-side path past some private moorings. Several people, men and women, on the moorings became offensively angry because I walked past their private mooring. One guy even called me a, "piece of shit" and wanted to pick a fight, (bear in mind I am a quiet, grey-haired, 69 year old, pensioner). There are some strange people among the private moorings at Cosgrove.

The Blacksmith, Blisworth Tunnel, 2015
It's a bit north of Milton Keynes, but too good a photo to not include.

Narrowboat Colossus, 2016

Narrowboat, 2016

Narrowboat Alder, 2012

Narrowboats, 2009

Narrowboat Ultima & Butty Thule, 2009

Butty Thule, 2009

Butty Thule, 2009

Sunflower, 2011

Tempus Fugit, 2012

Kernow, 2014

Fullers, 2013


Daizy, 2013


Narrowboat, 2009

Narrowboat, 2009

Maple, 2013

Narrowboat Poppy, 2017

Narrowboat, 2009

Hare, 2014

Narrowboat, 2012

Narrowboat Big Ben, 2012

Lady Gwendoline, 2010

Keswick No. 2, a very quiet boat, 2014

Narrowboat, 2009

Narrowboat Frogmore, 2016

Narrowboat with an unusual hull design, 2015
Although I find it unattractive, it must be much cheaper to build than a hull with curves.

Fishing, Grand Union Canal, 2009

Canalside Signs, Grand Union Canal, 2009-12

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