Photographs by Peter Loud

Northumbrian Miners' Banners

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Hartley Colliery Hester Pit Banner, at Durham, 2013
It was at this Northumbrian pit where 204 pitmen were killed in 1862.

Northumbrian Miners' Banners at Woodhorn Museum

Having spent my 1950s childhood playing on pit-heaps, fishing for sticklebacks and tadpoles in pit ponds, building forts in the stacked pit props, and having a father & uncles down the pit I thought it would be good to share some of my Northumbrian mining heritage with the rest of the world. Alas, it wasn't to be. Yesterday I went to the Woodhorn Museum to photograph some Northumbrian Miners' Banners, but they seem very keen to have a monopoly on images of our past. I wasn't allowed to photograph the banners. To make up for that, today it is Durham Miners' Gala, 2013, at least I can photograph Durham banners.

NUM, Pegswood Lodge Banner, Woodhorn Museum, 2013

NUM, Rising Sun Lodge Banner, 2013

Northumberland NUM Banner at Durham Gala, 2013
No one objected to us photographing this one, one in the eye for Woodhorn Museum ;-)

and another Lodge Banner, 2013

Another Banner, 2013

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