Photographs by Peter Loud

Places for a drink,
Newcastle upon Tyne

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The Bridge Hotel, next to the High Level Bridge.
A magnificent Victorian pub with more stained glass windows and panels than a church.

Stained glass windows & panels at The Bridge.

The Crown Posada, with stained glass windows.
An old fashioned pub favoured by mature drinkers.

BTW, the guy in these photos is not me, but an old drinking mate of mine.

The Free Trade, overlooking the river and Tyne bridges.
Probably associated with 1850s pub fiddler, James Hill, who wrote a tune called "The Free Trade".
I suspect that it has not been re-decorated since then ;-) , don't let that put you off. Its range of beers is below.

The Cooperage,
In 1972 this was a cooperage,
in 2007 a trendy pub, in 2011 the pub had closed.

The Beehive
A traditional pub in The Bigg Market area, on the corner of The Cloth Market and High Bridge.
Click here, for a full-screen 360° panorama of the area.

I tried to take a night-time shot of the Beehive, but a drunk came out and hassled me.
He objected to my taking photos and started to mess with my camera, it was starting to get nasty,
so I had to give up before I got my settings right.

The Ship, under Byker bridge, c.1973
I've not been there for decades. Is it still there?

The Cloth Market

The fashionable young people of the region prefer the sophisticated cocktail bars and coffee houses of The Cloth Market.

The price of a pint on The Cloth Market, 2012

The price of a pint on The Cloth Market, 2014

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