Photographs by Peter Loud

Tankers at Swan Hunter,
Wallsend, 1970s

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262,000 DWT Tanker Tyne Pride, Leslie Street, Wallsend, 1975
(or could it have been Davis Street?)
I took these photos in 1975, developed the film, put the negatives away and forgot about them. I re-discovered them in 2008.
They are the best shots that there are of a tanker towering above the streets of Wallsend.

(If ordering a print, the image above is Tyne Pride A, below, Tyne Pride C)

Leslie Street and Tyne Pride, Wallsend, 1975.

This shot was taken at the same time as that above, I like it because it puts the emphasis on the street rather than the ship.

The middle of the three photos of Tyne Pride was used by pop singer Sting in his New York prodution of his musical "The Last Ship".
Sting, was brought up in the next street along. However I prefer the shot with emphasis on the street.

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Identity theft, impersonation and abuse

Over the past few years, 2013 - 2018, I have been subject to identity theft, impersonation on internet, threatening and offensive, abusive emails. The guy doing this has set up webpages supposedly set up by me, that offer my copyright photographs to anyone who wants them, and/or have been abusive. He uses email address that incorporate my name.

This person is Chris Robinson, a 75 year old embittered, ex-art teacher, originally from Newcastle, who hung around Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have never met this guy, never even heard of the guy, and had no involvement with him whatsoever until he took a personal dislike to me in early 2013.

Here are the full details of the problem. Another person has had similar harassment from this guy, you can check his blog, and learn more about his harassment.

1st Sept. 2013.
Robinson has just emailed me from Thailand telling me that he has set up another website using my photos, (and another using tunes from my tunebook webpage). He is using the email address, If you receive a weird email, it is not from me.

The police are involved, so if you receive anything that is offensive or libellous please forward it to me.

Tanker World Unicorn, GRT 131,067, Leslie Street, Wallsend, 1973.

World Unicorn, 1973

The End of an Era
250,000 DWT Tanker Everett F. Wells, 1976
This was the last super-tanker built on the Tyne.
The shop is boarded up, no kids play in the street, there are no parked cars.
Shortly afterwards the houses were demolished.

Propeller, Tanker Everett F. Wells,
Swan Hunter Shipbuilding, c.1976

Another view of Shipbuilding on Tyneside

Industrial Heritage Window, by Joseph Nuttgens, 2006.
St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Newcastle

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