Old School Photographs, Blyth, 1950/60s

Peter Loud

I recently came across some old school photographs on which are some of my family and thought that they would make an interesting addition to my other old photos of Northumberland. No, these were not taken by me, most of them were taken by Geo. Holdsworth & Sons Ltd, Scholastic Specialists, Hartlepool.

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A School Holywell, c. 1910
There's my Grandmother, on my mother's side, Margaret Emery Brown, back row, 3rd from left.

New Delaval Infants Outing to Blyth Beach, c.1948

I have tried to remember the names people in the photographs but have many uncertainties, my apologies if I got you wrong ;-(
[ ? ] indicates that I don't know the name. ? by itself indicates a missing name, or uncertainty of the preceding name.

New Delaval Infants Class 2, Newsham, Blyth, 1951
Peter Loud, Kenneth Sanderson, David Carse, [ ? ], Jeffery Hewitson, Eddie Delf, Eddie Palmer?, John Miller, Billy Stead, Colin Lynn
[ ? ], Angela Mosey, [ ? ], [ ? ], Peter Hillier, Leslie Purvis, Joy Barrass, David Scott, Mary Holian, Pat McLean ?
M.G. ?, [ ? ], Sheila Percy, [ ? ], Ray Marshall, Miss C. Atkinson, Norma Strong, Catherine Joicey, M.B. ?, Maureen Young, Anne Thompson

New Delaval Infants Class 2, Newsham, Blyth, 1951
That's me in the back row with a tambourine and an Elastoplast on my wrist. The drums in the middle were reserved for the petty middle class of Newsham.
The kid with a suit was the son of a local shop-keeper, the kid on the right was the son of the manager of the local flee-pit cinema.

New Delaval Infants Class 1, Newsham, Blyth, 1951
Irene Smith, Anne Taylor ?, Carol Loud, Moira Hillier, Andrea Miekle, Carol Stephenson, Doreen Rice, Joyce Lockyer, [ ? ], Margaret Haigh,
Veronica Robertson, Caroline Self, Colin Jackson, Barry Barker, Derek McSparron, David Purves, [ ? ], Alan Richardson, Carol Rudd, [ ? ],
[ ? ], [ ? ], Joan Goldsborough, Valerie Baldwin, Margaret Harrison, Miss Dodds, Ann Douglass, Isobel Bolam, Violet Graham, Edna Martin, Pat Hedley

New Delaval Infants Class 1, Newsham, Blyth, 1951

South Newsham Junior School, Class 7, Newsham, Blyth, 1951
Gordon ?, Ian Howes, Colin Wilkinson, Edith Sadler, Ellen Thompson, Joan Carr, Alan Carr, Ronnie Thompson, Ernest Hall
George Straker, Ernie Mosey, Joyce Mitchieson, Anthea Graham, ?, Joyce Burgon, Joe Stepenson, Duncan Hopkinson.
Ann Bates, Ann Turnbull, Pat Latimer, ?, Yvonne Turnbull, Miss Peace, ?, Eileen Robinson, Margaret Scott, Jean Harrington, Ann Fellows

Newsham Junior School, Class 3A, Newsham, Blyth, 1956
James Ellison, Jeffery Hewitson. David Hetherington. [ ? ]. Reggie Jacobs, Gordon Smith. Billy Smith. Leslie Purvis. Carl Birch ?. George White. Thomas Hardie. Colin Lynn.
[ ? ]. Maureen Young. [ ? ]. Pat Mclean. Jennifer Robe. David Eadington ?. John Allen. Matt Harrison. Pat Rowling. Wendy Ferguson. Margaret Moat ?. [ ? ]
Sheila Percy. [ ? ]. [ ? ]. Rosalind Graham. [ ? ]. Mr Walker. Norma Ainsly ?. [ ? ]. Anne Moody ?. Norma Strong. Anne Thompson.
David Carse. Paul Bentley. Peter Loud. Raymond Bell. George Beattie. Eric Taylor.

Newsham Junior School, Class 1, Newsham, Blyth, 1956
Irene Smith, Ann Saddler, Mary Hindmarsh, Andrea Meakle, Edna Martin, Barry Barker, Ken Mason, George ?, Colin Jackson, Michael Taylor, Raymond Allen, Brenda Bound, Joyce Johnston, Margaret Minnis, Alma Elison.
Joan Hobday, Carol Rudd, Eileen Flanigan ?, Janice Chamberlain, Caroline Self, Jennifer Jenkins, Maureen Fitch, Rosemary Forrest, [ ? ], Carol Stephenson, Margaret Gibson, [ ? ], Sylvia Wilson, [ ? ]
Isabel Bolem, Mary Stephenson, Dorothy Dixon, Pat Hedley, Joyce Carr, Mr. Tinlin, Moira Hillier, Pauline Scott, Carol Loud, Doreen Rice, Valerie Baldwin
Mickey Dunn, Terry Bates, Ken Bullock, Tom Sawyer, Don Smith, Harry English

Newsham Junior School, Class 2, Newsham, Blyth, 1951

Map of Newsham 1937

Blyth Grammar School, 1958-68

Blyth Grammar School, 1958
After searching hi and low for this photo for 10 years, I eventually found it, where I had safely packed it away, 35 years ago :-) I was even able to recognise many of the people in the same year as I was.

Blyth Grammar School, Class 2E, 1959
Roy Robertson, Bill Bunston, Bob Taylor, Alan Heron, Alan Bell, Ken Reavely, Wal. Musgrave, Alan Gair, Colin Taylor, Brian Mortimer, Peter Loud.
Jim Campbell, Jennifer Robe, Jane Crompton, Pat Rowling, Dawn Cockburn, Sheila Johnstone, Barbara Huggins, Joan Little, Dorothy Pomeroy, Glynis Craft.
ccc, Judith Keen, Mary Neave, Joan Pigeon, Auriole Taylor, Mrs Simpson, Jennifer Daines, Dorothy James, Eileen Franklin, Silvia Morse, Sheila Gibson.

Blyth Grammar School, Class 5E, 1962
Roy Robertson, Jim Campbell, Alan Easton, Wal Musgrave, Brian Mortimer, Bill Newton, Peter Loud, Alan Hall, Edgar Meredith.
Glynis Craft, Ken Reavely, ddd, Alan Heron, Randolph Heales, Matt Harrison, Ian Fraser, Bill Bunston, Dorothy James,
Sheila Gibson, Jennifer Robe, Jennifer Daines, Dorothy Pomeroy, Dawn Cockburn, Mary Neave, Joan Pigeon, fff, ggg, Pat Rowling, hhh.

If anyone can correct or fill in the missing names, please email me.

Blyth Grammar School Orchestra, 1962
That's me, middle row, the kid on the left with a violin bow in his hand.

Blyth Orchestra, 1934
That's my father, Thomas William Loud with his fiddle, on the right.

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Fourth Form
Top row, 2nd from left is my cousin Doug George.

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Upper 6th Form
Bottom row, 2nd from right is my cousin Judith George.

I have just been sent 4 photographs of Blyth Grammar School staff & students of 1968 by Steve Chicken.
They are fascinating, especially that of the staff, thanks Steve.

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Staff

Greenwood; Sprawling; Aldridge; Crossley; Gibson; Moffat; ?; Lillie
PE; Page; Edwards; Delamot; Bowman; Moss; Green; Winn; Bradley; Hunter; ?
Chapman; ?; Stannard; ?; ?; Crossley; Sprawling; Glass; Fogo; Hastings (School Secretary); ?; ?
Eltringham; Cole; Thomas; Crisp; Wilson; Black; Lloyd; Hay; Dixon; Dr. Bamford; Swinney; Rowland; Spowart

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Prefects

David Cleal; Alan Lawton; Brian Howe; Colin Beal; Charles Thompson; Norman Hills; Raymond Swann; Maurice Bolton; George Wilkinson; Arthur Boulter; Robert Godfrey; Pete Davidson; Ian Liddle; Ian Repper
?; Linda Laws; Janet King; George Lough; Paul Walker; Ian Reavely; Paul Smith; Stuart Preacher; Malcolm Allsop; David Cooper; Paul Hurford: ?; ?; Jennifer Minter;
Susan Graham; Anne Roberts; ?; Valerie Spratt; Lynne Gair; Betty Hunter; Pam Emery; June Golightly; ?; ?; ?; Maureen Routledge; Susan Redford; Jacquie Colpitts; Helen Banks
Tom Lavender; ?; Stephen Chicken; Linda Bell; Bob Hill; Miss Black; Mr Lloyd; Mr Hay; Katy Richardson; John Laws; Glynis Clements; Dixon Wetherall; Joan Rumney

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Upper 6th Boys

Tom Lavender; Paul Hurford; George Lough; Alan Lawton; Stuart Preacher; Brian Howe; David Cooper; David Harrison; Alan Dawson; John Laws; Dixon Wetherall
John Brownbridge; Terry(?) Clover; Ed Dalby; Bob Hill; Gerry O'Connell; Tony Morey; Robert Godfrey; Ian Liddle, Ian Repper; Ian Reavely
Stephen Chicken; Charles Thompson; Norman Hills; George Wilkinson; Alan Thomas; Maurice Bolton; Raymond Swann, Ian Beal, David Cleal

Blyth Grammar School, 1968, Fourth Form

Pam Hodgson; Maureen Gaughan; Virginia Wade; ?, Ray Walton; Alan Bennett; ?; ?; Sheila McCullock/McCullough; Marian Wilson: ?;
George Wallace; Irene Thompson; Harry Haggerty; ?; Alan Brown; ?; Albert Gurney; ?; Ian Hogg; Jan Douglas; David Ogle; Susan Dean;
David Chicken; ?; Malcolm Rose; Pamela Tate; ?; Hugh Bowman; Carol Watson; Ken Baines; ?; Noel Clements; Marion Leask;

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Most Photographs Copyright Geo. Holdsworth & Sons Ltd, 1951-1962

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