Photographs by Peter Loud

Duxford Air Shows, 2013/14

This week, May 2013, I went to Duxford Spring Air Show, my first air show. On normal fly-pasts the aircraft were too far away for good photos, and usually all you could see was the underside of the aircraft in shadow, but more interesting shots arose in the aerobatics. The place was full of people with fancy cameras with long lenses. For me, with my longest lens a 25 year old Minolta 70-210mm, the opportunities were limited.

I am starting to have new thoughts about the above. After three air-shows, and looking at many air-show photos, I am starting to get bored with single aircraft photos. Do not think I am dismissing the skills of the photographers, but after a while it is a bit like looking at engineering drawings. At the moment, I find the scenic shots of big, wide-open, dramatic skies with aircraft with smoke trails more beautiful. So don't worry about not having a super expensive long lens. If your DSLR has a lens that covers 50-100mm you might get photos that are much more beautiful than those that show every rivet in the fuselage.

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The autumn air show lacked the clear blue sky of the spring show.

At the autumn show I managed to find a small hole in the heavy clouds.

Patrouille Acrobatique de France, with Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha, Autumn 2013

The Breitling Wing-walker was spectacular too
Unfortunately my ancient 70-210mm Minolta just wasn't long enough to get much detail.

This Spitfire, Lancaster, Hurricane formation made a few passes

Spitfire & Messerschmitt Me109
Unfortunately I used too high a shutter speed so that it froze everything; they look more like Dinky/Corgi toys.

This F-86 Sabre banked enough to let me photograph the sunlit topside, 2013.
I must get a longer lens and get to the autumn show.

Patrouille Acrobatique de France, with Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha, Spring 2014

Typhoon, 2014
My skills for photographing single aircraft are not up to the expert aircraft photographers who get to Duxford. They get much
more detailed, sharper images than I do. I feel humiliated, but there are worse things in life, and I'm improving :-)
To make up for that this is a peaceful, scenic picture, which is misleading.

Typhoon, this aircraft is amazing. It is so loud, The sound alone is frightening, even at an air-show. 2014

Apache, 2014. Up she goes . . .

. . . and down she comes.

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