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Muntri Street

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Shophouses, Muntri Street, Penang, 2006
A block of typical shop-houses, two stories, narrow, deep and dark.

Hainan Temple, Muntri Steet, Penang, 2006

Click on the picture to see a 360° panorama of temple and street.

A Pretty Door, 2008

Another Pretty Door, 2009

Shophouse, Muntri Street, 2008

Travellers Lodge, 2008

Institute of Chinese Physicians, 2006

Goldsmith's Guild, Muntri Steet, Penang, 2008

Goldsmith's Guild
Click on the picture to see a 360° panorama of the temple interior.

Chinese Theatre, 2012
In December 2012 a Travelling Chinese theatre was set up outside of the Goldsmith's Guild. Here are three of the actresses.

New Hostel, 2013

Ryokan Hostel, 2013

Tourist Police, 2013
There are now Tourist Police based on Muntri Street. Tourist Police are necessary. Around 50% of the foreigners I know in Penang have either been pick-pocketed at Komtar, had bags snatched or their wives have had gold necklaces ripped from them, along the main road, in Batu Ferringhi, by motor-cycle thieves. Do not think I am being negative about Penang, I love the place, but you need to be careful.

This is the exotic food available to backpackers in Muntri Street, 2014

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