Comparison of

Sony Alpha A850,

+ Tamron 28-75mm f2.8

Canon Compact IXUS 95IS

LIMA, Langkawi, 2009
Canon compact camera above, Sony A850 with Tamron 28075mm f2.8 below.

Actual Pixels

Another comparison, from the market at Kota Bharu, Malaysia

I have now had another opportunity to compare the image quality of my Sony A850, Canon 350D and Canon IXUS 95IS.
There's less difference that you might like to believe even at 'actual pixel' level.
Here are some shots of a church at Willen, Milton Keynes, England.
The were all taken from the same position, within a few minutes of each other.

Canon 350D with standard 18-55mm lens.

Canon IXUS 95IS compact camera, automatic.

Sony A850 with Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens.

Below are 'actual pixel' images from the centre and near the edge of the picture.
Canon 350D

Canon IXUS 95IS

Sony A850

Canon 350D

Canon IXUS95IS

Sony A850

Here are another couple of shots from Penang that lay unprocessed on my computer for a few months.

Actual Pixels

Although I am still not unhappy with my A850, I am surprised how little difference there is. I suspect that for most people, unless they are experts in studio photography, will find very little improvement for the extra expense of a FF camera.

Back here in UK I fished out my old Canon 350D, I had forgotten how delightfully small and light it is. After 5 months of the A850 the 350D is like a toy. I will try a few comparison tests in the next few weeks. I am uneasy about what I might find out.

Here is a comparison of some high-res images from the Sony A850 and Canon 350D, High Res. Images. This is not a straight comparison, the 350D image was done last summer, the A850 this March and the images are different sizes, but they are interesting.

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