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When I started this webpage it was intended to share the photographs of Northumberland that I took in the 1970's. Since then I have re-kindled my interest in photography and have added other more general photographs, and many 360° panoramas. These are lower down the page.

My interest in photography is primarily recording social history, the way people live, in the belief that it will be fascinating in years to come when things have changed. I wished more people photographed everyday life. There is no need to try and be arty-farty. With my black & white 'Fishing' photos and my photos of Tyneside etc. I feel that I have achieved my aim.

Way back in the early 70's I was a long-haired, drop-out. No, not a drug crazed hippie into loud pop music, nothing like that. I just wanted to help my new-born son develop, take photographs to record life in Northumberland and walk along the beach. More people should do it ;-)


Northumberland is the northernmost county of England. It is on the east coast just below the Scottish border. It has bleak deserted moors, empty beaches, the Roman Wall and lots of castles, a great place if you like quiet walking holidays. Most of my early photos were taken around Seahouses, a fishing harbour just down the coast from Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle. If you are ever up that way make sure you call in at The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses for beer/lunch, it's a living museum of the local traditional fishing industry.

While researching my family tree I recently found that my Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather, Robert Adams, born 1787, was a 'Mariner' from North Sunderland, (which, to most people, is the same as Seahouses). I also had a Great-Grand Aunt Isabella Loud, (nee Walker), who was born in North Sunderland in 1878. I am amazed and delighted to be able to claim some my ancestors came from up there.

This webpage is for my UK photos, click on an image to see my overseas photos.

Assorted Odds 'n' Ends

Panoramic Photography,
my Nodal Samurai

Comparison of DSLR
& compact cameras

High Resolution Photos

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Trees in Winter
Garden Wildlife
Duxford Air Shows
Spring 2013

Tall Ships, Blyth, 2016
Old Narrowboats
Grand Union Canal

Northumberland, Inshore fishing, early 1970's

Here are a few dozen from my Seahouses collection of over 1,000 photographs.

Click on the thumbnails for larger and more images


Holy Island



Painting the boats

Seahouses Lifeboat

Radiant Way
Childrens Friend
Chevy Chase

Faithful & Sovereign


Boats, 1980s

Smaller Boats,

Coble Building
Eyemouth Boats
Other Fishing Boats
Harbour Folk
The Ship Hotel

The Ship Bar

Shipbuilding on River Tyne, 1970s


Preparing for launch,
Swan Hunter's

Ships & Boats

Tall Ships, Blyth, 2016
Harbour and River

Large prints of these photographs may be purchased

Nominal Size

1. 38cm x 30cm
2. 49cm x 40cm
3. 65cm x 49cm
4. Sizes up to 76cm x 100cm, (30" x 40")


Can be printed by special arrangement.

These prints are made from high resolution images normally 7 to 100 megapixels. They are printed on a commercial printer to professional quality, not standard auto-prints. They are not printed in a photographic dark-room.

The sizes are nominal, one side, will be varied to suit the format and composition of the photograph.
The prints are not mounted. They are posted out in a cardboard tube. Postage & packing is extra. Recently a print was lost in the post, (you can not imagine how much trouble this causes), so I am planning to send out prints using a "Proof of delivery" tracking service.

The new post & packing charges are, for UK £5.00, Europe, £10.70, Worldwide, £13.25.

I do not supply digital images for people to have prints arranged by themselves. (Different arrangements apply for commercial clients.)

To discuss your requirements email me

Identity theft, impersonation and abuse

Over the past few months I have been subject to identity theft, impersonation on internet, threatening and offensive, abusive emails. The guy doing this has set up webpages supposedly set up by me, that offer my photographs to anyone who wants them, and/or have been abusive. He uses email address that incorporate my name.

This person is Chris Robinson, a 70 year ex-art teacher, who hangs around Newcastle and Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have never met this guy and had no involvement with him until he took a personal dislike to me several months ago.

Here are the full details of the problem. Another person has had similar harassment from this guy, you can check his blog, and learn more about his harassment.
1st Sept. 2013.
Robinson has just emailed me from Thailand telling me that he has set up another website using my photos, (and another using tunes from my tunebook webpage). He is using the email address, If you receive a weird email, it is not from me.

The police are involved, so if you receive anything that is offensive or libellous please forward it to me.

Newcastle upon Tyne, early 1970s

Civic Centre

Home sweet home


The Cooperage, Quayside


Hard Times
Quayside Market
Paddy's Market
Grainger Market,

Grainger Market, 2008
Spherical Panoramas
Central Arcade
A Spherical Panorama

Newcastle Cathedral
Spherical Panoramas

The Sage, 2007
Spherical Panorama

Tyne Bridges


Northumbrian Odds 'n' Ends

Old School Photos
Blyth, Northumberland

Pre-1900 Schools

Bronze Age,

Beneath Keilder

Bamburgh Castle

3 megapixel camera
Panorama of
Hadrian's Wall

And a few test shots of Northumberland from my cheap little 3 megapixel digital camera.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Milecastles, Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall
at Crag Lough

Hexham Abbey

Northumbrian Churches

Stained Glass Windows

Durham, Miner's Banners, early/mid 1970s & 2012

A few from about a hundred photographs of banners.

Kibblesworth Lodge

Marley Hill Lodge

Usworth Lodge,

Chopwell Lodge


Wheatley Hill Lodge

Here are some of my early panoramic photographs.

You can move the image to see to the side, behind, above and below you.
Click on picture to see a full screen, 360 degree image.

Churches around Milton Keynes

St. Thomas's Church, Simpson,
Milton Keynes.

Potton Church,

More panoramas from around Milton Keynes

Grand Union Canal,
Milton Keynes.

Stoke Bruerne,
Grand Union Canal.

Now check out my overseas photographs :-)

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