Pete Loud's Collection of

Northumbrian, Tyneside
and other
Traditional Tunes for the Fiddle

Hi Guys,
These are just a few of my favourite fiddle tunes. They're primarily Northumbrian & Tyneside tunes, with a load of popular Irish, Scottish, & Morris folk session tunes.

Recently I have completely revised all of the tunes in my collection and have added almost all of the known hornpipes, and other fiddle tunes of James Hill, (Tyneside 1840-1850), and several other general Northumbrian session tunes. I haven't yet had the time to update and revise the tunes in the Freebies displayed here, which have quite a few mistakes, but the corrected versions are in my book and I hope to include them on the site as soon as I get the time.

(Don't think I'm claiming to be an expert fiddler
just because I pulled these tunes together, far from it ;-(

Oops! It just crossed my mind that many of the international visitors to my website might not know about Northumberland. Well, a few eons after God spent 7 days making the world, he looked around and saw that everyone was miserable, bitter and twisted, so to give them hope, he decided that he'd cut out a bit of heaven and send it down to earth. He stuck it at the top North East corner of England, next to the Scottish border, like a rose in the midden, and that's Northumberland. To offset the beauty and tranquility of the Northumbrian hills, beaches, castles and the Roman Wall Satan created the Northumbrian Pipes ;-)

While you're browsing, if you are interested in concertinas, check out my George Case and Lachenal English concertinas.

Only £20.00

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Approximately 4p per tune !

This tune book is two books in one.

Part 1 is over 225 Northumbrian & Tyneside tunes.

This is the most comprehensive tunebook of Northumbrian & Tyneside traditional tunes.

Part 2 is over 240 popular session tunes, mostly Celtic, with some barn dance and North West morris tunes. The emphasis has been on tunes which frequently are played in sessions throughout U.K. My original objective with this tunebook was that when travelling around I could take with me all the tunes I knew, was learning, and intended to learn, all in one book. I didn't want to carry around a dozen separate books, (padded out with tunes which are hardly ever played), and dozens of loose sheets of music.

I am continually developing this tune book and hope to continue to do so over the years to come. Unfortunately books with hundreds of tunes are not economic. The production costs of a book with over 400 tunes are almost 8 times as great as a book with 50 tunes, but I can't sell it at 8 times the price. So I can not continue simply to add more tunes, I've not yet worked out how to handle that :-(

This is an A4 format book with plastic covers and bound with a wire comb so that the book opens flat, well worth every penny ;-)

There are some great tunes here, give them a try.


Pete Loud

Check out these .pdf sample pages from the new book.

James Hill tunes

Father Kelly's, Merry Blacksmith, The Banshee


The first new book printed went straight off to "Bagpiper" in Rochester, New York. This is what he had to say:

"The new book arrived yesterday. It's great! I think it is definitely going to be a big hit around here. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting a tune book like this together."
* * * * *

From "Temperance" in

Looks good and guess what! The elusive Barrington Hornpipe that I have been searching for for a while is there. The North East is steeped in ballads and music and I've seen the first book and was impressed.
* * * * *

and after Temperance bought the latest book, she wrote to,

I have got to say that I recently bought this book and it's superb. . . . . . . The book is a veritable treasure and excellent value.
* * * * *

Hi Peter, The book arrived this morning . . . It looks wonderful. . . .
Thanks again and for the very fast delivery.
Paul Leaver, Australia
* * * * *

Hi Pete - just been on your site and was very impressed.
Neil Thomson, Scotland
* * * * *

Book arrived safely, it's brilliant!
Sue Mentz
* * * * *

Just letting you know the tune book arrived safely. I like it. Very nice. As well as being a brilliant reference book it will keep me happy for months.
* * * * *

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! For your website
Vince Trago, Ohio
* * * * *

Mr. Loud, you are a saint to aid us. Thank you for everything and for your collegiality. You will be thanked in the program notes for the performance. . . . . Again--we are grateful.
Polly S. Fields, Canada
I've been called many things in my life, but this is the first time I've been called a saint ;-)
* * * * *

From Newcastle Cathedral

Northumbrian, Tyneside,
& Other
Traditional Fiddle Tunes

Over 480 tunes

Northumbrian & Tyneside Tunes
James Hill
Navvie, (G), The
Locomotive Hornpipe, (D), The
Underhand Hornpipe, (B Flat), The,
Underhand Hornpipe, (G), The
Redesdale Hornpipe, The
Steamboat, The
Steamboat, (2), The
Cage Hornpipe, (G), The
Spotted Bitch, (G), The
Quayside Hornpipe (A), The
Quayside Hornpipe, (G), The
Gateshead Hornpipe, (A), The
Gateshead Hornpipe, (G), The
Barber's Pole, (G), The
Hawk Hornpipe (E), The
Hawk Hornpipe, (D), The
Hawk Hornpipe, (G), The
Champion Hornpipe, (D)
Great Exhibition, (F), The
Great Exhibition, (D), The
Fiddler's Fancy, (E)
Fiddler's Fancy, (D)
High Level Bridge Hornpipe, (G), The
Lads Like Beer, (F), The
Lads Like Beer, (D), The
Earl Grey Hornpipe, (A), The
West End, The
Enterprise Hornpipe, (A), The
Enterprise Hornpipe, (G), The
Omnibus, The
Flying Dutchman, (A), The
Flying Dutchman, (D), The
Miss Hunter's Hornpipe, (D)
No. 8 Hornpipe, (F), The
No. 8 Hornpipe, (G), The
James Brown Hornpipe, (D)
No. 9 Hornpipe, (F)
No. 9 Hornpipe, (D)
Tykeside, (F)
Tykeside, (D)
Proudlock's Fancy (B Flat)
Proudlock's Fancy, (G)
Marquis of Waterford's Hornpipe, (B Flat)
Marquis of Waterford's Hornpipe, (G)
Old Church Hornpipe, (G), The
Bottle Bank, (B Flat)
Bottle Bank, (D)
Beeswing, (B Flat), The
Beeswing, (G), The
XYZ Hornpipe, (A)
XYZ Hornpipe, (G)
Tide Comes in, (B Flat), The
Tide Comes in, (G), The
Jenny Lind, (A)
Jenny Lind, (G)
Little Jim's Hornpipe, (B Flat)
Little Jim's Hornpipe, (G)
New Year's Gift, (A), The
New Year's Gift, (G), The
Charles Attwood, (A)
Charles Attwood, (G)
Hill's Fancy, (B Flat)
Hill's Fancy, (G)
Hill's Hornpipe, (B Flat)
Hill's Hornpipe, (G)
Pear Tree, (F), The
Pear Tree, (D), The
Newcastle Hornpipe, (B Flat), The
Newcastle Hornpipe, (A), The
Spence's Tent (B Flat)
Spence's Tent (G)
Gardener Lads, (A), The
Gardener Lads, (G), The
Foga Bella
Free Trade, (B Flat), The
Free Trade, (G), The
Tweedly Park
Hawk Polka, The
South Shore, II, The
Scholar, The
Cliff Hornpipe, (D), The
Wonder Hornpipe, (G), The
Golden Eagle, The

Abraham Mackintosh
Miss Aubone Surtees' Favourite
Miss Brandling of Gosforth's Reel
Miss Reay of Killingworth's Favorite
Miss Ord of Fenham's Reel
Miss Ridley of Blagdon's
Miss Charlotte Grey of Backworth's Reel
Miss Vardy's Reel

Tom Carruthers
Whittingham Vale Hornpipe, The
Coquetdale Hornpipe, The
Lass o'Coquetside, The
Glendale Hornpipe, The
Tynedale Hornpipe, The
Bonny Cragside

Willie Taylor
Pearl Wedding, The
Nancy Taylor's Reel
Shirley's Reel
Tich's Reel
Willie Taylor's Fiddle
Shining Pool Hornpipe, The
Whittle Dene Hornpipe
Neil Taylor's Jig
Christine Taylor's Jig
Roland & Cynthia Taylor
Kerry's Welcome to The Dene
Farewell to the Dene
Snowy Monday

Tom Clough & Family
Jenny Clough
Dr Whittaker's Hornpipe
Willow Tree, The
G. H. Hedley's Hornpipe
Mr Kennedy North
Miss Maydell Armstrong
Spirit of The Border
Herd on the Hill, The
Joan's Jig

Jack Armstrong
Rothbury Hills
Rowantree Hill

Will Atkinson
Kyloe Burn Reel
Redeside Hornpipe
Glen Aln Hornpipe
Miss Sharon Davies
Pippa Sandford
Early Morning Reel
Alistair Anderson's Fancy
Anthony Robb
93 Not Out

Billy Pigg
Gypsies' Lullaby
Bonny Woodside
Tom's March
Carrick Hornpipe
Biddlestone Hornpipe
Old Drove Road, The
Keening in The Wind (?)
Hepple Haugh
Dr Browne
Foxhunter's Hornpipe
John of Carrick
Anne of Hindhope Coffee Bridge
Kielder Fells
Rookland Lasses
Archie's Fancy
Bill Charlton's Fancy
Northumbrian Gathering
Tosson March
Wallington Hall

Archie Dagg
Elsey's Waltz
Joe Hutton's March
Foxglove Hornpipe, The
Andrew's March

George T. Mitchell
Glen Aln Rant
College Burn Rant
Geordie's Rant

T J Elliot
Hesleyside Reel
Gunnerton Fell Cuddy

Lewis Wigham
Low Lights of Shields, The
Captain's Hornpipe, The
Dave's Pipes

Robert Whinham
Whinham's Reel
New High Level Hornpipe
Whinham's Jig

Robin Dunn
Farewell to Joe, A
Tune for Willy Taylor
Robin Dunn's Compliments to Will Atkinson
The Rocking Horse

Chris Ormston
The Bigg Market Lasses
A Dog's Life
St. Cuthbert Crossing The Rhine

Matt Seattle

More Northumbrian
Sweet Hesleyside
Whittingham Green Lane
Cott, The
Breamish, The
Wild Hills o' Wannies
Derwentwater's Farewell
Bonny at Morn
Lament for Ian Dickson
Morpeth Rant, The
Morpeth Rant, The
Jock Wilson o'Fenton
Cheviot Rant, The
Harry's Rant
Durham Rangers
Morpeth Lasses
Nunwick Mill
Proudlock's Hornpipe
Rowley Burn
Gilsland Hornpipe, The
Barrington Hornpipe, The
Newcastle Station
Whinshields Hornpipe
Miss Aubone Surtees' Favourite
Alston Flower Show
Rusty Sneck, The
Intake Hornpipe, The
Dunstanburgh Castle
Alston Flower Show
Joe Hutton's
Go to Berwick, Johnny
Rusty Gull
Sir Sydney Smith's March
Cuckold Come Out of The Amery
Lads of Alnwick, The
Blanchland Races
Small Coals an' Little Money
Lamshaw's Fancy
Holmes's Fancy
Jimmy Allen
Mile to Ride, A
Peacock Followed the Hen, The
Noble Squire Dacre
Lamb Skinnet
Bellingham Boat, The
Hexham Races
The Black and Grey
Felton Lonnin
Holey Halfpenny, The
Warkworth Castle.
Sir John Fenwick's the Flower Amang Them All
Hexham Quadrille
Alnwick Castle
Calliope House
Great North Run '86

Part 2,
Popular Session Tunes
Belfast Hornpipe, The
Galway Hornpipe
Boys of Bluehill, The
Harvest Home
Trumpet Hornpipe, The
Manchester Hornpipe, The
Liverpool Hornpipe, The
Sheffield Hornpipe, The
Off to California
Rights of Man, The
Old French
Chief O'Neill's Favourite
Kitty's Wedding
Fairies' Hornpipe, The
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe
Greencastle, The
Red Haired Boy, The
Friendly Visit, The
Liddell's Hornpipe
Piper in the Meadow Straying, (A)
Acrobat's Hornpipe
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Madame Bonaparte
Fisher's Hornpipe
Stack of Wheat, The
Home Ruler, The
Sailor's Hornpipe, The
Staten Island Hornpipe
Handsome Plowboy, The
Click Go the Shears

Father Kelly's
Paddy on the Railway
Banshee, The
Maid Behind the Bar
Bonnie Kate
Jennie's Chickens
Gravel Walk
Teetotaller, The
Sally Gardens
Wise Maid, The
Silver Spear
Mountain Road, The
Blackberry Blossom, The
Morning Star
Swallow's Tail, The
Wind That Shakes The Barley, The
Star of Munster, The
Boys of the Lough
Sleepy Maggie
Drowsy Maggie
Salamanca, The
Cooley's Reel
Anything for John Joe?
Miss Monaghan
Cup of Tea, A
Nine Points of Roguery
Christmas Eve
Craig's Pipes
The Old Copper Plate
Taproom, The
Miss Buckley's Reel
An Suisin Ban
Dunmore Lasses
Breakdown, The
Mason's Apron, The
Robertson's Reel
Road ta Houll, Da
Ferry Reel
Lay Dee At Dee
Sleep Soond i da Moarnin'
Barrowburn Reel
Tarbolton, The
Roxburgh Castle
Loch Leven Castle
Miss McLeod's, (G)
Devil among the Tailors, The
Speed The Plough
Flowers of Edinburgh, The
Fairy Dance
Lass o' Patie's Mill, The
Balquhidder Lasses
La Russe

Tatter Jack Walsh
Trip to the Cottage
Frost is All Over, The
Kesh Jig, The
Tenpenny Bit, The
Tripping Upstairs
Irish Washerwoman, The
Saddle The Pony
Connaught Man's Rambles, The
Father O'Flynn
Blackthorn Stick, The
Jackson's Favourite
Donnybrook Fair
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Pet of the Pipers
Swallow's Nest, The
Rakes of Kildare, The
Jump At The Sun
Banish Misfortune
Tobin's Favorite
Cliffs of Moher, The
Cobbler, The
Haste to the Wedding
Lark in the Morning
Dusty Windowsills
Blarney Pilgrim, The
Lannigan's Ball
Kerfunken Jig, The
Orphan, The
My Darling Asleep
Gillian's Apples
Rosin the Beau
Out on the Ocean,
Rose in The Heather, The
Jig of Slurs, The
Quarryman, The
Mucking o' Geordie's Byre
Down The Tannach Road
Shetland Shells
Belle of the Ball
Three Sea Captains, The
New Rigged Ship, The

Lady in The Boat, The
Bright May Morn
Sweets of May
Tight Little Island
Oyster Girl
Happy Farmer, The
Butterfly, The
Foxhunter's Jig, The
Hunting The Hare
Drops of Brandy
Rocky Road to Dublin, The
Smash the Windows
Dingle Regatta, The
Merrily Kiss the Quaker
Cock of the North

Egan's Polka
Kerry Polka No. 1
Hayden Fancy
Billy Sullivan's Polka
Ballydesmond Polka No.1
Maurice Manley's Polka
Ballydesmond Polka No.3
Scartaglen Polka, The
Maggie in the Wood
Kerry Polka No. 2
42 Pound Cheque, The
John Ryan's
Jenny Lind Polka
Rose Tree, The
Rakes of Mallow
Buttered Peas
Spanish Lady
Salmon Tails
Mona's Delight
Davy, Davy, Knick-Knack
Bobby Shaftoe
Mairi's Wedding
Britches Full of Stitches, Oh The

Michael Turner's Waltz
Margaret's Waltz
Wild Rose, The
Slockit Light, Da
Dark Island
Ashokan Farewell
Give Me Your Hand
Jock o'Hazeldean
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite
Eagle's Whistle, The
Battle of The Somme
John D. Burgess
Athol Highlanders
King of the Fairies
Soldier's Joy
Astley's Ride
Lunch at The Pub
Turkey in the Straw
British Grenadiers, The
Winster Gallop
Bonny Breastknot
Tree in the Bog
Flowers of Edinburgh, (2)
Brighton Camp
Princess Royal
Boys of Wexford
Sean South
My Love, She's but a Lassie Yet
Captain Maquire
Dashing White Sergeant

Carolan's Concerto
Carolan's Draught
Planxty Irwin, (G)
Planxty Irwin, (D)
Planxty Fanny Powers
Sheebeg Sheemore
Planxty George Brabazon

Tunes from around Milton Keynes
Hornet, The
Plane Tree, The
Hop Break, The

European Tunes
Canal en Octobre, Le
Scottiche a Catineaux
Bourree de Concours
La 500
Mazurka d'Embrault
Horse's Branle
Wals voor Jorunn
The Skylark
Boeing 747

Tunes From North America
Arkansas Traveller
June Apple
Elks' Festival, The
Wade Hampton's Hornpipe
President Garfield's Hornpipe
President Lincoln's Hornpipe
Blackberry Blossom,
St. Anne's Reel, (1)
St. Anne's Reel, (2)
Grand Chain, The
Lemonville Jig, The

Song tunes, '60s Folk Revival
Fiddler's Green
Leaving of Liverpool
Holy Ground, The
And the Band Played Waltzing Mathilda
Green Fields of France
Nightingale, The
Shoals of Herring
Bunch of Thyme
Will Ye Go, Lassie Go?
Wild Rover, The

If I am breaching copyright with any of these tunes, my apologies, please contact me and I'll remedy the situation.

Aghhh!, at last copyright has caught up with me, I have had to drop 1 tune from the Freebies. It was only an accompaniment to another tune. The original tune is still in the book :-)

Aghhh! another breech of copyright, this time an enormous breech, but with a happy ending :-) Coquetdale Music, which is Kathryn Tickell's company, owns the copyright of the Billy Pigg,
Willie Taylor, Archie Dagg tunes, probably quite a few more, and she has, emailed me, not to demand my being hanged from Elsdon Gibbet, but to say I may use them.
Thanks, Kathryn, without your generous co-operation we could be deprived of many excellent tunes.

Identity theft, impersonation and abuse

Over the past few months I have been subject to identity theft, impersonation on internet, threatening and offensive, abusive emails. The guy doing this has set up webpages supposedly set up by me, that offer my photographs to anyone who wants them, and/or have been abusive. He uses email address that incorporate my name.

This person is Chris Robinson, a 72 year guy, an ex-art teacher, who hangs around Newcastle and Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have never met this guy and had no involvement with him until he took a personal dislike to me several months ago.

Here are the full details of the problem. Another person has had similar harassment from this guy, you can check his blog, and learn more about his harassment.

He has tried to involve musicians from the North East in order to embarrass me. I apologise for any confusion, embarrassment and irritation he might cause you.
1st Sept. 2013.
Robinson has just emailed me from Thailand telling me that he has sent an email to "all Northumbrian Folk Musicians and followers" using the email address, If you receive a weird email, it is not from me.

The police are involved, so if you receive anything that is offensive or libellous please forward it to me.

If you are unfamiliar with Northumbrian & Tyneside tunes
I'd like to suggest checking out these musicians:

Kathryn Tickell, brilliant on fiddle and Northumbrian Pipes,

Matt Seattle, although he has slipped over the border into Southern Scotland, I think the most memorable pub session I have ever experienced was listening to Matt with his border pipes in the Tap & Spile at Morpeth.

The High Level Ranters, These guys have been at it for over three decades and seem to have made hundreds of recordings of N&T tunes, my attic is full of their old black plastic records.

My thanks go to Robin Dunn who has allowed me to include 4 of his tunes, some of which had not been published elsewhere.

Also thanks to Chris Ormston whose tune, The Bigg Market Lasses was my favourite tune throughout 2004. He has given me permission to include that and another couple of his tunes in the book.

There are many more first rate musicians up there, the above are just my personal favourites. Another great thing up there is the number of young musicians who are embarrassingly good, I don't dare take my fiddle in a pub up there 'cos sure as anything some 15 year old will sit down next to me with a flute, fiddle or whistle and blow me away ;-(.


Tune Notation

Click to see the notation

Rothbury Hills, The
Bonny Cragside, The
Blow the Wind Southerly, The
Sweet Hesleyside,
Morpeth Rant, The
Cheviot Rant, The
Lads of Alnwick, The
Lamshaw's Fancy
Sir Sidney Smith's March
Cuckold Come Out of The Amery
Glendale Hornpipe, The
Tynedale Hornpipe, The
Whittingham Vale Hornpipe
Coquetdale Hornpipe, The
Proudlock's Hornpipe
Rowley Burn
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe,
Glen Aln Hornpipe,
Greencastle, The
Barrington Hornpipe, The
Champion Hornpipe
Navvie, The
The Wonder Hornpipe
Redesdale Hornpipe, The
Locomotive Hornpipe, The
High Level Bridge Hornpipe
Rights of Man, The
Lads of North Tyne, The
Harvest Home
Off to California
Belfast Hornpipe, The
Galway Hornpipe, The
Liverpool Hornpipe, The
Manchester Hornpipe, The
The Merry Blacksmith
The Maid behind the Bar
Blackberry Blossom, The
Morning Star
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Scholar, The
Teetotaller, The
Boys of the Lough, The
Miss McCloud's
Trip to the Cottage
Tatter Jack Walsh
Frost is All Over, The
Irish Washerwoman, The
Jackson's Favourite
Donnybrook Fair
Saddle The Pony
Rollicking Irishman, The
Connaught Man's Rambles
Merrily Kiss the Quaker
Rakes of Kildare, The
Smash the Windows
Cliffs of Moher, The
Butterfly, The
Foxhunter's Jig, The
Dingle Regatta, The
Carolan's Concerto
Sheebeg Sheemore
Planxty Irwin
Planxty Fanny Powers
Devil among the Tailors
Athol Highlanders
Mason's Apron, The
King of the Fairies
Staten Island Hornpipe
Sailor's Hornpipe, The
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
Kitty's Wedding
Old French
Fairies' Hornpipe
The Britches Full o Stitches
Bill Sullivan's Polka
My Darling Asleep
Gillian's Apples

Taproom The

Why bother printing out these screen displays of the music, you would do much better buying a copy of the tunebook.
The tunes are printed beautifully sharp, uniformly sized and bound with a wire comb so that the book opens flat, well worth every penny ;-)

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(including Airmail post & packing)

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UK, (£) GBP 22.50
Europe, (£) GBP 27
Worldwide, (£) GBP 29
Hi Guys,

Exchange rates and postal prices are working against me.

After much hesitation I have had to increase the prices, my apologies. It is still great value When I brought out this book it had 400+ tunes, it now has 480+ tunes, it was under 400g, it's now 500gm, which puts it into a higher postal rate, on top of which postal rates have increased considerably.

I have decided to change the pricing of the book to GBP only. Constantly varying exchange rates make it difficult to quote a price in $ or €. As it is possible to make a Paypal or credit/debit card payment in a variety of currencies I ask that you make your payment in GBP. The currency conversion is made made at the Interbank rate so you do not get ripped off. This is a lot easier than me having to constantly change rates and one of us perhaps losing, or gaining a few %.

(You might find this hard to believe, but I do not publish this book to make money, I possibly lose money on publishing the book. I do it because I want to see my Northumbrian culture preserved. My latest project is my photographic record of Northumberland, check that out next ;-)

Payment can be made in three ways

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Session at The Tap & Spile, Morpeth, Oct. 2010

Rothbury Traditional Music Festival, 2008

Panorama of Session in The Turk's Head, 2008
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